What is happening to all the birds? I spend hours on the highways each day, and see the birds frantically dive bomb the highways and vehicles. This has been going on for about a month. I had a bird fly into my car last week, and I see dead birds on the highway, so I am not the only car to be attacked. Do the huge towers being erected have anything to do with the birds being so frantic?

Also, since I like my doors and windows open, a lot of flies come in, and they are dying soon after they enter the house. I feel that the 'smart meters' are to blame. If the flies can die so soon, then what is that going to do to my body. Remember the canaries in the coal mines?

My daughter almost died from the 'smart meters'. She lived in the Magalia/Paradise area. The 'smart meters' were put in two or three years ago. Her health kept getting worse and worse. I could hear it each day when I talked to her. She had two heart ablations, and the doctors could not figure out why, because there was nothing wrong with her heart. Then my daughter and son in law lost everything in the big fire. They were in Redding for a month, and I could hear her getting stronger and stronger. They came up here and were in a travel trailer for another month, and she sounded like her old self. When they bought a house with a 'smart meter', her health started going downhill, again. She had the 'smart meter' removed and her health started improving. Each time she spends time at my house, she goes home sick. So, if you have been having, unusual for you, symptoms ... being extremely tired, headaches, afib, getting weaker, blood pressure spikes, unsteady motor skills, forgetfulness, and any other symptoms that started in the past few months, then look to your 'smart meter'. For those reasons I had my 'smart meter' removed last week.

Joyce Clark

Coos Bay

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