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I am writing in support of the Jordan Cove Energy Project.

I was not a supporter in the beginning. I did not become a supporter until it was proven to my satisfaction that the project was safe and would have a long term positive effect on my home.

Coos County is my chosen home, I have lived here for 35 years and will probably die here. After nearly 15 years of questions asked and answered, the folks in opposition have not found the "smoking gun." All they have done is rail loudly with language designed to frighten the poorly informed. They have done our community a huge disservice.

This project needs to be discussed calmly with science as our guide. The first State of Oregon permit hearing by Department of State Lands needs to be gauged and guided by science on reports. Statements like "our salmon runs will be destroyed" or "oyster beds will be killed" should not be allowed because they are just not true.

As Joe Friday on Dragnet used to say, "Just the facts, Sir, all the facts." When this project is viewed through the lens of science it is impossible to not be in favor. The facts convinced me I just hope you look; if you do you will also be convinced that this project will be a huge benefit to our community.

Dick Leshley

Coos Bay

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