Hey Steve, I won the bet.

After Hurricane Sandy in 2012 ravaged New York City, Steve and I made a bet: A storm of that magnitude would not occur in NYC for 5 years through October 2017. Steve thought storms like Sandy were the “new normal” proof of man-made, fossil-fueled, corporate-greed climate change (back then we called it climate warming but the winter of 2014, one of the coldest on record for North America, forced a new definition). My view, Sandy was a natural, unusual, climate cycle event. Well Steve, it’s been over six years now and NYC has been super-storm safe.

Are fossil-fuel age hurricanes more powerful and prevalent than in the past? Wikipedia says the Hurricane of 1693, 325 years ago, was so powerful it severely changed the NYC area coastline. The most destructive causing 60 deaths in NYC was 1938 before fossil-fuel carbon dioxide emissions’ greenhouse effect could yet have been a major factor. There’s more human damage now because there’s more humans; and a media, scientific/environmental, political, governments eagerly willing to exploit it. The country that has reduced its carbon dioxide emissions the most in the industrialized world? U.S.A. mainly through the use of natural gas over coal, 50 percent more efficient.

On today’s radio news, a dam in southern Oregon wants to increase capacity to serve customer needs; environmentalists want to stop it citing possible salamander habitat destruction. Substitute salamander with spotted owl or climate change—isn’t it all the same con job? Why is it leftists always are trying to create conflict and confrontation? Because socialism demands centralized control; whereas free enterprise rewards competition and creativity. Which system is better for solving problems?

Sadly, on that same radio broadcast was a sixth anniversary observance of the Sandy Hook Elementary School cataclysm 12/14/2012, two months after Hurricane Sandy.

Perhaps the constant crisis mentality, the beat down of the human spirit, the man-made doom and gloom deception after the hurricane was the final blow that released the killer’s insanity.

Maybe we can agree, Steve, the foundation, permeation of the universe is truth, not deception; with or without humanity.

William Gaunt

Coos Bay

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