Proponents want to hand the current foreign owners of the Jordan Cove Project a blank check in the form of permits. It will enable Pembina to bring anyone they choose to this community. They get to pick any partner or buyer, and we get to live with the consequences. Also, some proponents refuse to face the reality of what is going on in the world with China or climate change; both affect almost everything happening globally.

As for those non-binding long term Japanese contracts for Jordan Cove, there is an agenda. The fact is 20-year contracts are out and on-the-spot sales are in. Gas industry pundits indicate Japan’s price control of LNG will advance with the “hub” they are building to store and spot-sell LNG. Do you think China won’t want to participate? This says it all: “Japan and China have agreed to launch talks to facilitate cooperation on infrastructure development projects in third countries amid a recent thaw in bilateral relations, diplomatic sources said Friday.” - Japan Times. This quote is from March 23, 2019. Prime Minister Shinzo Abe and President XI Jinping have been shaking hands so-to-speak since 2014. Why fight when you can rig prices together?

It’s fair to ask who will control JCEP. Pembina isn’t talking. What they have said is they’re not footing the whole bill. They haven’t even made a final investment decision. New partners could come in at a controlling-interest level. It’s very reasonable to think it involves China. I urge everyone to research the project located in Kitimat, British Columbia. There are five owners including Petro China. Their 20 percent of the project entitles them to use 20 percent of the pipeline’s capacity to move their Alberta natural gas. Owning the gas and the LNG project is smart. Please research how these expensive projects are done.

We all know what non-binding means; FERC pointed out the contract issues before. Ignoring the climate crisis or the Chinese government’s agenda will not make them go away. Providing gas pipelines for Americans is one thing, but risking Oregon’s environment to build massive infrastructure for Asia is another. Handing foreigners building permits that come with eminent domain over American landowners might fit the definition of UN-American to some. Huge projects in small communities equal dependency not independence. A hazardous facility in a hazard zone equals disaster. What do you think a blank check equals?

Janice Williams

North Bend

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