Ways to heal mental health problems & gun violence:

1. How do we get legislation for new WPA Heart and Soul community services with a good basic guaranteed income with single payer/universal health care with homes or apartments for all? This legislation will unite humanity beyond race, religion, gender and political divides. Help stop the hate, abuse, mass drugging, gun violence and warring! Heart and Soul community services will also help heal 98% of those with abusive addictions and mental health issues.

2. How do we get legislation for Healing Arts with a plethora of body, mind spirit community centers open 24/7 for ANYONE who is angry or upset to go find their own answers are within them! Help them find out who they really are and why they are alive and get them connected to jobs and projects that resonate with them.

Help co-create OUR evolving community health and human services and evolving social healer services. Google -all the answers are within. Stop the warring from inside out of each person. Help unite all the militarizes to work together to save our Mother Earth because all humans have the same basic needs. And the same basic emotions.

We are all connected to a lack of real democracy and lack of education for new jobs creation that has caused emotional and environmental problems. With internet, cell phones and language apps; We The People can unite our USA and focus on the legislative solutions that will unite our USA and this planet.

Lynn Mystic-Healer

North Bend

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