I read your history of our airport Helen, but it didn’t help me much on getting out of here and to the Eugene Airport for a flight to Chicago. My plane in Eugene leaves at midnight. The one bus to the Amtrak station is early in the day and a cab from the Amtrak station to the Eugene Airport I am sure is quite expensive. And there is a 12 hour difference in when the bus gets to the Amtrak station and when my plane would leave for Chicago. Plus I have sent messages to the bus you mentioned, and also have called many times and no answer to either.

And being a senior citizen with little mobility now, I do not want to spend 12 hours at the airport until my flight if I did take the bus to the Amtrak station. It seems a bit odd to me that flights going NORTH never got enough passengers to stay here. Maybe they didn’t advertise them enough or stay long enough to get passengers used to taking those flights. I would certainly think there are enough business people, golfers, and visitors going NORTH to make an airlines worth having a flight out of here.

I know when my son-in-law lived in Seattle a few years back he brought a bunch of clients down here to Bandon Dunes to golf. He wouldn’t be doing that now and nobody else would be either. I wonder just how much business is lost due to our airport with no northbound planes coming and going north. Sure you can take round about flights hundreds or thousands of miles out of your way, to eventually get that one plane coming into North Bend, but heck why even bother?

Claudia Craig


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