This question is for the Coos Bay City Council. Since I moved here to Coos Bay in 1999, my taxes have increased almost 75 percent, yet the roads have only gotten worse.

There are about 16,500 people in Coos Bay. If all those pay an additional $10 a month or more on their water bill each month that would be approximately $165,000 each month for pot hole repair. The city claims we have 1,000 pot holes and had stated each pot hole would cost about $600 each to fix. There's 275 potholes repaired each month, according to their own math. So in about three to four months they should be able to repair all or most of the pot holes.

My question would be, how many years did the city claim it would take and at what cost? I had to take senior math to graduate high school but I smell something wrong. For one, the "allocation" or better known as using the funds for other pet projects such as "Welcome to Coos Bay" signs or more planters or park benches. The roads won't get fixed because then they wouldn't be able to scam taxpayers for another 20 years. Job security at its finest.

Roger Wilson

Coos Bay

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