In regard to the letter written by Stan Avery (Dec. 29), where at the end of his letter he states that this plumber cares, as does his family, about truth, justice, liberty and our Constitution: How can he defend Trump, in his letter, when Trump has told over 16,000 lies and misleading information? Trump doesn’t respect anyone other than himself. He cares only for justice and liberty for him not for other people. He is destroying the Constitution and country and we should be worried about this.

We need a president who cares about all the people, not just a few who agree with him. With all the lies and misleading information from a president is a crime in my mind. I can’t respect or defend anyone that lies to us all the time.

I suggest you take a hard look at what this president is doing to split us up and pit us against each other. We don’t need this to happen anymore.

Jack Stevens

Coos Bay

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