We can't buy people out of the homeless life. I hear many times that "we need to put more money into homeless shelters." Why do I need to help people that don't want to help themselves?

Most of these people chose to use drugs. They want free everything. Oregon is like California and Washington state with free programs for these bums while the taxpayers get hammered with increased fees and taxes.

I watch a lot while Sen. Sanders and the socialist democrats stump for free everything. I ask myself how America got to this point. My parents taught me that if you want the American dream you have to work for it. I did and they were right. Now some person who wishes not to work or conform to our laws have become a popular subject for the politicians to try to give them the whole ball of wax without responsibility.

I've seen firsthand just how these people leave an area when they move to another location. Filled with trash, needles and feces with no regards for the folks that have to clean it up.

I'm tired of the organizations like the Devereaux Center that promote this kind of behavior. These centers are not helping the situation, in fact they just make it possible for more to abuse the system.

Walt Avery

Coos Bay

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