Apparently bothered by Mr. Krumper’s letter, and writing from his glass house, Jon Barton labels certain opponents of local LNG as bloviating (speaking much and saying nothing). Mr. Barton argues against the possible local LNG catastrophic events that haven't happened. Remember — it wasn’t raining when Noah built the ark.

Barton wants only facts from letter writing citizens. Here are a few.

Fourteen years of insults masquerading as LNG debate appears to have irreparably divided this community. LNG was unwelcome in every West Coast North America community being considered for a LNG factory, including Tijuana — except North Bend.

Representative DeFazio warned that terrorists are a threat to ports. Don Felsinger, when chairman of mega billion dollar Sempra Energy, warned people not to place a LNG factory near a populated area. There have been catastrophic LNG factory events on several continents.

There will be humungous LNG storage tanks and a very tall flare. Gordon Schearer, with a lifetime of LNG experience, former leader of Weavers Cove Energy (proposed LNG developer), stated that a LNG tank rupture would be “the world’s largest Roman candle”. A U.S. LNG storage tank catastrophic event incinerated one square-mile of Cleveland.

The Coast Guard and local public safety organizations cannot guarantee with 100 percent certainty that a LNG vessel traveling the channel will not be attacked. The double hulls of 1,100 foot long tanker vessel MV Linburg (now Martime Jewel) were successfully penetrated by terrorists. A modern configuration RPG fired from a home along the 8-mile channel route to North Bend and into the vessel bridge, not double hulls, should lead to vessel destruction.

There will be several hundred miles of high pressure, 3 foot diameter, odorless gas pipelines above and below southern Oregon. Natural gas piping and pipelines have ruptured and people were incinerated.

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LNG auto-ignition temperature is higher than Mr. Krumper claimed to be possible by OTH aircraft engine exhaust.

As proposed by LNG proponents (including current and past elected representatives), hundreds of millions of your tax dollars will be managed and distributed by unelected and perhaps unappointed folks.

During a devastating Cascadia Subduction event, the North Spit will probably be under water. Thousands of construction workers may not escape to high ground. Tsunami debris may block the channel for years. What happens to a trapped LNG vessel?

There will be a few low-paying, permanent security and maintenance type jobs for locals.

Fred Kirby

Coos Bay

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