It's hard to pin down various facts about Jordan Cove Energy Project. They did pay for a new design, but nothing is final. More importantly, Pembina hasn't decided to do the project, while stating they are looking for partners. It means they don't have the billions needed nor their board's approval. This design can be used to make an educated estimate on pollution figures. The company is probably inflating the number of jobs and community benefits without accounting for jobs lost. Housing market disruption, especially for the low income folks, is barely discussed. Proponents with rentals, campgrounds, and businesses do not mention their self-interest in their letters.

Here's what we do know: It will pollute our air. Do you know how fragile and thin Earth's atmosphere is? The part we can breathe is even thinner. I just saw astronaut Scott Kelly talk about the view from the space station. He could see where the atmosphere ends, and he mentioned how profound it is to know it ENDS. Google "air-glow" for a picture; It's quite beautiful. We do not need more fossil fuel infrastructure using our finite air supply as a dump.

We also know the project is hazardous, and the sheriff just confirmed it will need a great deal of security. He even mentioned the terrorism aspect. Pembina wants to locate a hazardous facility in an earthquake/tsunami zone about a mile from schools, homes, a shopping center, and directly across from our airport. It's ridiculously risky considering warnings that an event is coming and is actually overdue. This foreign owned infrastructure is not needed, especially not in this inappropriate location.

Shouldn't giving eminent domain to a Canadian company offend just about every American? They'll devalue the property of landowners across southern Oregon. Some proponents will make big bucks while the rest of us only get air pollution, risks, and evacuation nightmares. Where will thousands go if there's a threat or leak? Landowners will lose what most have worked for lifelong, the peace and quiet of a countryside they love and nurture. Profits don't outweigh landowners' rights, especially when new infrastructure is not needed to serve U.S. citizens. Lastly, we know until Pembina makes a final investment decision, has the money, permits, and meets the conditions, this not a done deal! We know, because Pembina publicly mentioned the FID and partners, and the rest is the law.

Janice Williams

North Bend


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