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Perspective is a powerful tool. It allows human beings to see things more objectively and helps us to understand other points of view. In today’s polarized climate of I’m right you’re wrong, perspective is needed now more than ever. Let’s then use the power of perspective with the current verified facts of COVID-19 to help us understand the current COVID restrictions placed upon us by Governor Brown to see if it makes sense. All COVID-19 data comes from the Oregon Health Authority daily report from Dec. 29th, 2020 and you’re welcome to double check my math.

There have been 111,227 cases of COVID-19 in Oregon and a total of 1,447 deaths. Without perspective we view those numbers and become afraid that we or our loved ones are next to join the list of the dead. However, perspective helps to better understand the data. As of 2020 the estimated population of Oregon is 4,301,090 according to World Population Review, since the 2020 US census numbers are not widely available.

111,227 out of 4,301,090 equals 2.586%. Only 2.586% of Oregonians have been diagnosed with COVID-19. 1,447 out of 4,301,090 equals 0.0336% of the total population of Oregon have died due to COVID. So, if you are part of the 2.586% that get COVID-19 what is your chance of survival? Well 1,447 out of 111,227 equals a mortality rate of 1.3%. Turning that around IF you get COVID-19 there is 98.7% chance you will survive and that is just on average.

With this perspective we must ask ourselves if the current COVID restrictions make sense. Personally, I say no. Some people may need to take extra precautions but not all of us. If some want to take extraordinary measures that is fine but all of us being forced to take them is unreasonable.

Taylor Underwood

North Bend


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