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At the risk of sounding selfish, or anti-education, I feel I must protest vehemently the decision by Governor Kate Brown, and the Oregon State Coronavirus Officials to diverge from the CDC inoculation procedure recommendations by questionably moving Oregon teachers and education officers immunization priority above those persons 65 and over with prevailing health conditions.

I mean, is it really more important that students and educators open up a few months sooner, than it is for our elderly, retired individuals to simply stay alive? I find it difficult to equate the lives of those trying to live out their lives, and avoid horrible suffering as best they can, to having a minor lapse in children’s education, and even a regrettable temporary hold on educators salaries?

Jobs and education are of extreme importance, of course, but honestly, the hold up of these endeavors would be very short. At least in fair comparison with being alive!

We aren’t talking about persons at the very end of their days. People over 65, even with condition issues, have most probably many, many years left to enjoy, especially with modern medical advances. Have we reached that point where we’re ready to sacrifice our elders, our mildly disabled to the gods of monetary advancement and social education status? The students still have on line education, and maybe even, at least, some parental guidance, don’t they? I hope?

Please, if this decision troubles you, as much as it does me, contact our Governor, Kate Brown, and every representative you can think of.

I did.

Doug Bankler

North Bend


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