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Wow, more than 1 million acres of Oregon trees burnt up. Perhaps the people of Oregon have been handed a giant reset! I think the huge spreading of wildfire is the direct result of many years of forest mismanagement. I think the fires were started by spontaneous combustion from all the hot air coming out of Salem.

If you do not like the whole state being on fire, consider that under new management the forests can be replanted and better managed by bureaucrats who are hired by a Governor who has an older more sustainable perspective on how to care for forest resources that was proven by years of experience.

Perhaps we the people of Oregon should start our own fundamental transformation at the ballot box, one incumbent politician at a time. Start at the state level, county level and city level. Any where you see outcomes that produce living conditions that do not match your concept of how you want life in Oregon to be.

We the people can begin to make Oregon great again. Let us face it: We have not had a decent governor since Tom McCall.

Joyce Walter

North Bend


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