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We have many enemies in our country and, the sad part of it all, the naive listen to their voice and follow. The enemies are the Communists, Socialists, Marxist, and the Nazi parties.

There was a group of protesters, and on one sign it read, Socialism an alternative. Really! Is that what you really want.

What happened to Americans that were proud and worked hard for their families and country, not wanting the easy life of free stuff. This kind of government would be more powerful and not represent the people like it is now.

We have a great president working hard for all of us. But you would not be happy even if God was president. And would say that God is consigning with the Devil to impeach him.

If you really think that one of these parties is good for you and your country, then look to Germany and the monster who brought this country to its doom. And the millions of people who suffered in and outside concentration camps. Just remember, you may become one of them.

Defend our past, fight for our country's future, and work to embrace her.

Diana Johnson