When I first saw Alek Skarlatos' TV ads, I thought he was a nice young man. He was a hero for sure when he and his friends took down a terrorist on a train in France. His ads were normal at first. Then, I believe, his handlers from back east told him he had to be nastier. Here are some falsehoods I've found in his latest ads:

1. His opponent, Peter DeFazio, lives on a yacht in D.C. Good grief. DeFazio bought a 32-foot cabin cruiser in 2007 for $16,500 to live in while he's working in Congress. I saw a picture of it — hardly a yacht, Alek! I found other people in D.C. doing the same thing to save money..

2. Our district is the poorest in Oregon. We aren't even in the top 10 Alek! (www.homesnacks.net/about -us/)

3. DeFazio hasn't done anything for our district all the time he's been in Congress. Untrue. He gets funding for dredging our ports. He got us a new VA facility in Eugene. He has worked tirelessly to get money for infrastructure improvements. I read that President Trump was about to sign a huge infrastructure bill that DeFazio co-authored when someone whispered in his ear not to do it. So once again, the American people get screwed.

Don't vote for someone who will have to start out at the bottom of the pile as far as important committee assignments. At this time, Peter DeFazio is Chairman of the Transportation and Infrastructure Committee. Don't throw that away.

And, Alek, don't tell lies and expect me to vote for you.

Lorraine Pool




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