I’m writing in support of Katy Eymann for Coos County Position No 2. Specifically for her position on the proposed LNG plant on the North Spit. As a life long resident of Coos County, I’ve seen these big companies come and go at the expense of our tax paying citizens.

The Coos County gas pipeline was suppose to attract big business and create jobs for our area. In the end, it created a multi-million lawsuit and very few family wage jobs, I voted for it.

The Oregon Resource Co. was suppose to create family jobs to our area, built a large processing plant in Bunker Hill, which now sits idle. What about the tax breaks they received for creating jobs, approved by Coos County Commissioners. Are they still receiving them?

These pipe dreams endorsed by Coos County Commissioners and the Port of Coos Bay have only divided our county and produced little in the way of providing sustainable long term jobs.

I believe Katy will listen her constituents and lead our county to a more sustainable, responsible future.

Larry Van Elsberg

North Bend