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Immorally using the pandemic as a distraction, the Republicans sneaked in their controlled power over FERC to approve the permit for the Jordon Cove LNG plant. Thankfully, Oregon regulatory agencies will not fast track necessary state permits that jeopardizes the sovereign rights of Oregon citizens to protect their health from a foreign corporation whose only interest is monetary.

According to the Union of Concerned scientists, Mark Specht, Energy Analyst, referring to LNG plants, The power source is typically a gas or steam turbine similar to those found in oil refineries, power plants and large chemical plants ... but most LNG facilities have more than one, producing greater demand and higher emissions. on June 7, 2017: Fugitive emissions - Methane gas escapes directly into the air from various pieces of equipment - Marine emissions, released from LNG tankers, which run on heavy oil and emit pollutants, including particulate matter, a significant contributor to Lung and Heart conditions in humans.

If Jordon Cove were constructed with over a thousand temporary workers, people from the Lakeside area heading south to work and shop and people going north will experience traffic jams from workers and constant construction vehicles. Crossing McCullough Bridge would be daunting.

If built, from miles away you would see the billowing pollution. Clean air that you see now will be replaced by a toxic haze. People who moved here to escape the congestion and smog will once again see what they left behind. Elders, Children with developing immune systems, others with compromised health conditions will suffer.

The current Coos County Commissioners were elected to a nonpartisan position, but it appears they are in lockstep with Jordon Cove, at times acting like lobbyists. The Commissioners should not be one-dimensional in their total support of JC while ignoring the great loss of tourists dollars, loss of commercial fishing and much more.

Katy Eymann running for Coos County Commissioner has a plan for family wage jobs from an industry that is non-toxic: offshore wind jobs. Let her lead the way.

Dan Hopkins



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