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Your Dec. 29th article concerning security measures for Jordan Cove proves we are nothing short of sitting ducks. The blind leading the blind when it comes to emergency response. These people have all drank the Jordan Cove LNG Kool-Aid and are basing their information on gas industry dog and pony shows and their propaganda machine that DOES NOT give a true indication of the potential hazards. This is particularly troublesome when Coos County does not have a fire department or anyone with even a hint of knowledge about what they would actually be dealing with.

Two international LNG hazard experts have shown that Jordan Cove has been underestimating their hazards. 16,922+ people live in Jordan Cove’s LNG hazardous burn zones. Independent government reports have shown that people up to a mile away from a transiting LNG tanker ship would be at risk of receiving 2nd degree burns in 30 seconds should an incident and pool fire develop. Not one port in California, including the Port of Long Beach, would accept one of these facilities and that included proposals that were 14 miles offshore. They all were stopped due to the hazards these facilities present. And our Coos County Sheriff’s department thinks they are smarter than all these other professionals?

This proposed Jordan Cove LNG siting location is one of the worst ones out there and is far too close to the population base here. If the cities of Coos Bay and North Bend were combined the LNG facility would not even be allowed where they are proposing it. If this project is so great and Pembina is so great than why are they not building their facility up in Canada near where their fracking basins are? Why are they taking our property and jeopardizing our safety down here in rural Oregon for their Canadian gas export plans?

On December 18th OPB aired a special about the Alaska 1964 earthquake as told by people who are still alive that were living in areas that were totally destroyed. Entire communities disintegrated and sunk into the earth. Everyone who was down at the Port of Valdez working on or near the docks all died.

And this Strain guy is not concerned about any of this? That’s craziness. This is what happens when you have Jordan Cove funding your Sheriff’s department. Everyone should be very concerned.

Jody McCaffree

North Bend

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