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I found myself agreeing with most of Stan Avery’s reasonings for an election fraud investigation (World letters 12-19-20). However, I would place the number of Americans who would benefit from not only a thorough investigation into the 2020 results, but a better way of vote-tallying methodology to be more than just the 80 million Mr. Avery suggested. All Americans need to trust the results regardless of who or what garnered the higher amount.

Since both political parties have committed voting shenanigans over the years I think it would be better for a nonpartisan committee to develop appropriate criteria for voter eligibility, uniform vote counting and verification measures so that we all could feel confident in the validity of the results. What are the current practices and what needs to change?

Perhaps a citizen survey asking people what factors are important to them to earn their trust in the eventual tallies? Factors such as: Proof the ballot tallied was legal. Proof the ballot was counted correctly. Proof of unbiased counting. Proof the ballot was cast within the election time period. Secure storage of cast ballots, both before and after being tallied.

What are some measures that we can all agree on to meet these criteria? We all need to have confidence in every vote in the final outcome.

Terry Moore

North Bend


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