So the Trump-Russia investigation is over, there was no collusion to be found. I won't lie, at one time I thought Trump was Putin's puppet too, but I was wrong, and I can swallow that truth. Presidential candidate Tulsi Gabbard was right when she said it wasn't a bad thing that there was no collusion found, and I do believe as she does that if the collusion were found, then through a precipitous series of events, it could have ended up causing a civil war.

It's no secret that Trump rallies his base to get angry at the establishment, and sometimes these people go out of their way to do violent things as shown with the multiple men who've praised Trump, but have tried mailing pipe bombs, stockpiling arsenals, and shooting masses of people. Trump is a populist, he speaks to a vast majority of people because of how different his rhetoric is from most politicians, and despite all a centrist Democrat can say about how Hillary was so qualified to be president, she still lost the election.

The name of this opinion piece should be, "establishment Democrats need to wake up," because we have a swath of democratic presidential candidates before us and we need to focus on which one we really want, and forgive me for saying that YES, we should focus on policy substance, and not identity politics, old legacies, or familiar faces.

Personally, my favorite candidates are Bernie Sanders and Tulsi Gabbard. Bernie for his medicare-for-all proposal, his opposition to the war on drugs and big pharma, his steadfast pursuit of corporations like Amazon, Disney, and Walmart for their treatment of employees, etc, and I like Tulsi Gabbard because she is nearly the only one speaking up on the regime-change war that Trump is preparing in Venezuela. Make no mistake that Venezuela would be a horrendous conflict that could kill millions of people and send millions of refugees looking for a place to stay. (Where is the anti-war movement?) Asking if Maduro is bad is manufacturing consent just like Saddam in Iraq, he may be bad, but its not our place to intervene. Tulsi also takes bold stances on our relationship with Saudi Arabia and Israel, that many other Democrats won't! We do need to beat Trump in 2020, no doubt, but it matters more what we'll do in the post-Trump era, or it'll happen again.

Cameron Langley

Coos Bay

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