There's strength in numbers.

I'd like to share some information to encourage you, readers in this battle against 'smart' meters. Of course, these affect you and your families and friends, also.

For quite a while now, I'd known that 'smart' meters were not good — for life. When I first heard that these meters were coming to Coos County, I was — shocked. So, here I am, writing in again.

What I'd like to point out is what's been done in other areas of our country, opposing 'smart' meters. Vermont was the first state to have had a statewide, cost-free 'smart' meter opt-out. That was passed in May of 2012. Different states have different policies regarding opt-out from 'smart' meters, and the types of meters used instead.

States that allow analog meters, the non-computerized model, for residents opting out of 'smart' meters include: Arizona, Maine, Texas and most of California. Allowing these analog meters is really the only true opt-out, as they are the only meter that doesn't generate dirty electricity, emit radio-frequency radiation, nor collect data. (The computerized meters also give utility companies access and control.)

Besides these opt-outs, some areas have reversed that policy to make 'smart' meters an opt-in policy, only for those who want a 'smart' meter, such as Eugene; New Hampshire; and Maui, HI.

In California, 57 local governments have voted to ban 'smart' meters. The state of New Mexico has also banned the installation of these meters, because it wasn't in the public's best interest.

This information was from the Smart Meter Education Network and the Smart Grid Legal News.

My husband was reminded of the quote: “All that is necessary for evil to triumph is for good men to do nothing.”

I encourage you in this battle against 'smart' meters, and the opt-out fees, and for analog meters. Contact your Coos County Commissioners: Bob Main (541) 396-7540, John Sweet (541) 396-7541, Melissa Cribbins (541) 396-7539; Representative Peter DeFazio (541) 269-2609; Governor Kate Brown (503) 378-4582; Senator Jeff Merkley (503) 326-3386; and Senator Ron Wyden (202) 224-5244.

Mary Grabinsky


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