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Thank you for publishing the students March for Our Lives of Saturday, March 24, 2018, Boardwalk to City Hall.

As a Libertarian/Independent voter who has found a recent home voting Republican, I would like to encourage these students to continue to threaten locally elected politicians with voting them out once they reach voting age. I can think of no better way to clear out the Liberals infecting Oregon government than a wholesale blood letter at the ballot box.

Pete DeFazio ... gone, county commissioners ... gone, a Coos Bay City Council that will fire the city manager for the mismanagement of the sewage treatment plant. Cost overruns showing up in a monthly bill soon. It is apparent that these students have not been trained on the Constitution or civics. Good. I encourage Ronni Jennings to contact Frank Williams of the local PEG TV community TV and ask to be interviewed. He closes his show with a request to call in and make an appointment to talk, Liberals or Conservatives. She can bring one or two of the brightest students to the TV station. I would love to see that. I am sure Ronni can impress the Coos County voter to join the new 18-year-old voters in sweeping out the Old Order and sweeping in a new government. They should be willing to attend the Town Hall debates before the election.

John R. Hill

Coos Bay