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America is in uncharted territory. Half the nation (including a tenth of Democrats) believe ballot fraud in five states, orchestrated late election night, gave Biden a winning edge. There is cheating in every election, with dead voters, etc. However, this seemed massive, a few million Biden ballots mysteriously appeared after Republican workers and observers had been dismissed. Hundreds of workers have signed affidavits detailing the fraudulent balloting. These sworn documents carry felony penalties if found to be dishonest.

The Supreme Court agreed to hear the evidence of massive fraud, two days after the inauguration. This is like scheduling someone’s appeal hearing after their execution.

If Biden is inaugurated, half our nation will perceive his presidency as fraudulent. If this is not promptly investigated and remedied, 80 million voters will lose hope of ever again having free and fair elections. These citizens will not just “shut up and stay home”. They may begin to move toward what was done 244 years ago, when Americans then lost hope of securing their rights and liberties through political involvement, and organized resistance against growing tyranny. The British mobilized troops to confiscate the Colonists weapons, but opened fire when they met resistance, lighting the fuse on the bloody revolution that gave birth to this free nation we love. Biden’s team has promised to “appropriate” citizens’ firearms. Such Socialist tactics could catapult our Nation into destructive chaos.

Our two-party system works well. Billions would move to America, if allowed. We shift between Democrat and Republican administrations, each promoting their agendas, while the opposing party harbors hope to regain power in the next election. If that hope is ever lost, in free and fair election processes, a malevolent dragon will be released, not to be easily returned to its lair. It would be so simple to back a national investigation into the mounting evidence of organized election fraud. That would defuse the specter of citizens driven to rise once more against the monster of tyranny. If we discover no fraud overturning this recent Presidential election, then the Biden enthusiasts have nothing to fear, and everything to gain.

Stan Avery



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