Recently, the wife and I had to make some hard decisions concerning the increasing cost of our health insurance. It seems that the cost had doubled over the past decade. In conversations with friends or neighbors I find that we are not the only Oregonians that have faced this dilemma.

I share this with you because the air waves are full of political ads, in particular, Peter DeFazio's, in which he exhibits the old and tired ploy of fear. His campaign instills this tactic by inuendos that if you do not re-elect him, your health care will cease to be affordable, or will disappear altogether, or the Social Security will disappear.

Let's examine the congressman's history. About the only thing that can be said, for sure, is that he voted for Obamacare — you know, "affordable care."

The law that in essence created a monopoly that the insurance companies took advantage of and told the citizens of the county that you will comply or the government will fine you. 

Now ask yourself, what did Peter do to hinder this overreach of the federal government? Answer: Nothing, he did just exactly what Nancy told him, you remember, "If I want to know what's in the bill, you are going to have to vote for the bill." So much for Peter's independence.

Mr. DeFazio has been in D.C. for five decades and has held a seat on the House Committee on Transportation and Infrastructure. How has he used this position? Every election cycle he shows up, throws a few million dollars at the I-5 corridor, then returns to Washington, D.C. to await Mrs. Pelosi's instructions. 

In the meantime, the infrastructure of eastern and southern Oregon deteriorate and only when it reaches a critical juncture does it gather Peter's attention, which led the American Society of Civil Engineers to give Mr. DeFazio and the House Committee that he chairs a D-minus for their lack of action.

Fifty years of this type of performance is more than enough. It's past time to let Peter retire to his land holdings in New Zealand. Elect Alek Skarlotos.

David Rose

Myrtle Point



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