Jordan Cove project will be safe from natural disasters. There are quite a few myths floating around about the Jordan Cove Project. Most of these are factually inaccurate fear mongering from project opponents. One of the most concerning myths I’ve seen about the project is this idea that the pipeline and the terminal are prone to major disasters like tsunamis, earthquakes or wildfires.

Even if Oregon is prone to them, the pipeline and the terminal are NOT helpless in major natural disasters. Pembina’s Jordan Cove facility and pipeline will be designed to withstand a 9.3 Cascadia earthquake. In fact, the location and terminal will be so safe, the Coos County Sheriff’s Office is planning to relocate their 911 call center to the site. It will be the safest structure on the coast.

Regarding wildfire safety, pipelines such as this are installed deep underground, even using Horizontal Directional Drilling (HDD) technology – the same technique used under the Rogue River by the local gas company – well beneath the threat of wildfire. In fact, pipeline right of ways are proven to create fire breaks for emergency response during wildfires. Plus, they’re monitored 24/7, providing a great early warning partner for fires.

I encourage you to check your facts before assuming the false doomsday myths that the opponents are spouting are true.

Patrick Royal

Port Orford

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