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We write these commenst to address Measure 6-176 as being presented to the voters of the City of North Bend. The three councilors signatory to this letter did not vote for the last $15 per month increase to the public safety fee. In fact, some of us didn't vote for the earlier $10 per month increase to the fee. The three of us, along with the rest of the council present at the initial meeting to pass the initial $5 monthly fee, voted to approve the $5 monthly fee.

The outcome of Measure 6-177 is in the hands of the voters. The measure, if passed, would reduce the public safety fee to $15 per month and freeze it at that level, subject only to voter change.

Our concern is Measure 6-176, which would not allow the city or the council the ability to raise "Fees" above the social security COLA (1.6% for 2019 to 2020). The measure states that any increases higher than those listed above would require a vote of the people. These fees include but are not limited to swimming pool charges, community center charges, copying costs and permit fees, to name a few.

The three councilors listed below have a combined 53 years of serving on your City Council. We are all business people with conservative spending philosophies and our voting records reflect that philosophy.

We ask that you not approve Measure 6-176 as not to tie the hands of future North Bend City Councilors.

Howard Graham

Larry Garboden

Mike Eberle

North Bend City Councilors


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