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I just don’t think I can throw away another recyclable item without venting my frustration, disappointment and concern with Coos County.

We have one little blue planet to share, and we should be making every effort to preserve, conserve and protect her. It is not asking too much to recycle our renewable resources, yet everyday I now throw away containers, boxes, paper, all labeled with recycle symbols. Some even say, “Please Recycle.” Yet apparently that means if you don’t live in Coos County. We are now instructed to discard scores of recyclable materials. Recycling reusable materials is a no-brainer.

It saves lots of energy to recycle renewable goods. For those of us in the county whose conscience cannot comply with the imposed throw away mentality, we are required to pay to recycle the select items they deem as permissible recyclables. I love this part ... we are to pay $5 each time we take our select recycle items to the recycle centers. The county in turn sells these bulk recycled items ... hmmm ... sounds like a pretty good deal for someone, but not for the conscientious residents trying to do their part in preserving our very stressed little planet.

I understand that China no longer wants our bulk recycling loads, but surely there is another solution. It seems ludicrous and egregious to impose these wasteful guidelines on the public. What example are we setting for our young folks who will inherit this over taxed planet? Coos County says it is all about money, well that may be, but perhaps they should take a good look at wasted money. Any possibility of lottery funds, or grants? What is the cost to the Earth, our air and our water if you throw everything in the landfill? I guess our little blue planet will foot the bill since Coos County will not.

Dawn Vonderlin