As a constituent of Representative Peter DeFazio and a longtime resident of Coquille, I was frustrated to see the Congressman’s comments on the Jordan Cove Project. It’s been clear for quite some time that Rep. DeFazio does not represent the interests of many of us in the rural corners of his district. There are so many people in our community who have been waiting for Jordan Cove to begin construction – and the jobs and tax revenue that will produce -- for much too long. We support the jobs it will bring, the economic stimulus it will provide to the community, but we also appreciate the global environmental impact it will have.

Unfortunately, DeFazio seems to be doing what all “urban” politicians are doing, and listening to the few but loud voices along the I-5 corridor, where unemployment is low, opportunities are high, and it’s easy to be against something you think doesn’t benefit you. Do you think he actually took the time to look at the net environmental benefit this project will have? What are the odds he even asked his staff to look into what will happen if coal in Asia is replaced with natural gas from Jordan Cove? Does he actually even care about climate change or just about winning elections?

I, for one, am tired of Rep. DeFazio’s unwillingness to listen to ALL of his constituents. I’m tired of being forgotten and ignored in a community I’ve lived in all my life. Shame on you, DeFazio, for ignoring us and shame on you for ignoring the biggest opportunity we have in this region to positively impact climate change AND the economy. Shame on your for not supporting Jordan Cove.

We have allowed ourselves to be complacent in regard to who our representatives are. It's time to vote in someone who will represent what our area (and Oregon) is all about! Jordan Cove is good for Oregon and the environmental footprint of the world.

Leslie Johnson


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