Boy what a disappointment from our City Council. They sold us and our wonderful community out to Pembina, a foreign corporation who doesn't give a hoot about the beauty of our community.

The people they sent with the green T-shirts were talking about what losers the people were who showed up to the meeting and how it was a done deal. Coos Bay will be turned into an industrial site and the wonderful crabbing and shellfish area of the estuary will be ruined forever. When the Canadian company dredges up the estuary, they will forever change the dynamics of the bay for the sea-dwelling creatures, and the red tide that doesn't come all the way into the bay may now poison those areas.

We will have huge tanks of explosive methane or natural gas, which will put us on the map for the most CO2 emitting area in the state of Oregon. Fishermen will have long waits while the tankers load and debark. And we will be a target for terrorists.

The City Council also went against the advice of the Lane County government experts who advised against it. It's astounding that people who love this city enough to become city councilors have made a decision so blatantly destructive for us and our children

Nancy Shinn

Coos Bay

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