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Where have the people who do not approve of the rioting in Portland gone? Where have the people that do not approve of emergency orders because of the rioting in Portland?

If you have a phone, go to work, or have a computer then you either see all of the people complaining about what is going on in Portland, or you are one in the people complaining. There have been attempts to anti-protest, but all those people I read or hear about do not show up.

To the National eye, all the residents of Oregon are standing behind and supporting the rioters because they don’t see any opposition to what is going on. Is that who Oregon is? All of Oregon?

I happen to know for a fact it is not. I know that hundreds of thousands of people are extremely upset about everything that is going on. Where are these people when it counts? Where are they when they are asked to stand up to what is going on and show the world what Oregon really is?

Peaceful protests are legal, but because the rioters act like they are in control, so nobody will take a stand. Freedom is not free. History has taught us that. Soldiers have taught us that. Why can’t citizens teach that also? Why is it for someone else to deal with? This is our problem. We need to deal with it.

This problem in Portland is because of every single resident in Oregon. The ones rioting and the ones sitting at home complaining about it but unwilling to use their god-given rights of freedom.

If we do not band together and show the world what Oregon really is made of, then things will continue to get worse and the police will begin to stop caring. Why should they care about residents that will not stand beside them? Why should police risk their lives for residents that will not risk a couple bruises from rioters?

I am extremely disappointed in Oregon. I never thought these residents that are proud of their state have allowed this to go on.

Perry Holman

Coos Bay


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