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Terry Bernhardt's Nov. 3 rebuke of my Oct. 27 letter is so littered with cow pies that it would take more than 400 words to fumigate it. But two examples: greatest(?) legal mind or not, Justice Kavanough clearly demonstrated his paranoid (e.g. Clinton conspiracy), partisan, mendacious, temperamental unfitness at his confirmation hearing and that doesn't even account for the withheld information and investigations. Given that conflict of interest is meaningless to right wingers it also indicates that he was nominated and jammed through in order to excuse Trump's criminality, just like Whitaker.

And the tax cuts bringing millions of good new jobs? With a supposed 3.5 unemployment rate? And all those who haven't the skills to take those good jobs? Really?

And if Dems hadn't taken the House back this would have become a solidified, minority rule dictatorship. If you come back to this planet Terry, you will find that all important Republicans have become Trumpster fascists. John Buell (Progressive Populist, Nov. 15) put it well: The right wing agenda includes "industry sponsored health care, military expansion, corporate controlled labor markets, financial deregulation, further corporate consolidation, Social Security and Medicare privatization, and bank bailouts, fossil fuel subsidies, further tax favoritism of the rich, and deregulation and decriminalization of environment and workplace abuses." You could add global warming denial, price gouging and/or unaffordable housing. Is that, reader, your agenda?

Now we have a Supreme Court that backs that agenda and Republican fascists will use it to hold and/or expand their gains no matter how politically unpopular, thanks to the likes of Senator McConnell. The only way to recapture a representative majority government will be to ignore SCOTUS rulings or pack the court with 2 progressive justices shortly after Trump and company are ousted in 2020. A tough haul.

A highly significant reason that the blue wave overtook the House and lapped at the shores of the Senate was the rank incompetent, feckless, abhorrent behavior of the president. The next in line (Pence?) will be much more subtle and stealthy, which means that the electorate will have to pay much more active attention to our political reality (including all the GOP lies), taking nothing for granted. Representative government, Democracy, has to be earned every day because the kleptocratic, plutocratic, unpunished sharks, mostly on the right, are out there every day.

And Terry, aside from GPS, I don't watch CNN. Wrong again.

John Zimmerman

Coos Bay

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