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I was delighted to learn Katy Eymann is running for commissioner again. If elected, Katy will be our only commissioner opposed to the Jordan Cove LNG export facility that a Canadian fossil fuel company (currently, Pembina) has been trying to force down our throats over the past sixteen years.

Like I and many citizens of this community have recognized, we have little to gain and much to lose from this proposed monstrosity, which is what makes Ms. Eymann’s candidacy so important. To my knowledge, we’ve had zero representation from local government on this issue. The scarring of our watersheds, the digging of trenches across hundreds of waterways, the damage to hundreds of acres of important wetlands, the scooping up of millions of cubic yards of material from our fragile Coos Bay estuary and the inevitable interference with public use of our waterways is too high a price to pay for a few temporary construction jobs.

Massive storage of volatile fossil fuels and tanker traffic offer the towns of North Bend and Coos Bay nothing but environmental damage, risk and liability. Meanwhile lets not forget those Oregonians whose land and homes are threatened by this project. We need Katy Eymann going to bat for us.

Ms. Eymann proposes offshore wind turbines for an alternative energy source that, unlike fossil fuel, poses no threat to birds or to the fishing industry. It's time we start gearing up for the 21st Century!

If you care about protecting our neighbors' homes and the environment, and yearn for some representation in local government, please vote Katy4Coos!


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