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Sadly, I missed the well-informed (it always is) “drivel” — not dribble — by Mr. Zimmerman that set off Terry Bernhardt, but I’ll go to and try to locate it.

Meanwhile, the country IS NOT in better shape than ever. Millions of people still work two or three jobs to make ends meet, the middle class is carrying the burden of paying for the government, we are so far in debt that our great-great-grandchildren will not see the end of it, and climate change is a very real and well-known threat. The stock market is at the same level or lower as when Obama left office, teachers are striking for desperately needed funds, and our infrastructure is crumbling.

We have no clue what Mueller has found on your president, while reeling in dozens of indictments, guilty pleas and guilty verdicts. He hasn’t told us. We needn’t imagine what would happen if they investigated the Clintons. It’s been done for decades. John Kerry would die before he would conspire with any foreign country against the U.S. To obstruct justice, the head of the FBI was summarily fired for refusing to get on his knees and swear loyalty to your president.

We are looking at China, India, and Russia. Except Russia, other countries are aware of climate change, and they are creating the world-wide, well-paying jobs we are missing out on in green energy, while your president strangles the American solar industry and claims that raking forest floors will prevent devastating fires.

I am aware of the many thousands killed in a war we never should have started. “Shock and Awe” is a shame our country will never live down. I want us to pull out — with intelligent planning and preparation, neither word one which is included in your president’s extremely limited vocabulary.

We have not, in two centuries, been over-ridden by rampant crime, or Latinos taking over the country. This is a hoax manufactured by Trump. He has created the very real humanitarian crisis at the border, kidnapped children, and made no plans for returning them. HE is the criminal. And he hires illegal immigrants.

I HAVE a lot near Jordan Cove, and I hate that fact. Jordan Cove is a Republican endeavor. The dollar rules Republicans, not Democrats. Only money counts in the new Trump world. Numbers do not lie.

Your president does lie — constantly, unremittingly, sickeningly.

Faye Newman

North Bend

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