This Tuesday, Jan. 7, all eyes will be on the Coos Bay City Council to see if they choose to protect our bay and the fishing and tourism industries that rely on its health, or the special interests of a Canadian fossil fuel corporation.

On Tuesday, our city councilors will vote on Jordan Cove LNG’s application to rezone protected parts of our bay to dredge for their massive, explosive gas export tankers. Young families, commercial fishermen, impacted landowners, boaters, local scientists and more will gather outside of City Hall at 5:30 p.m. on Tuesday for a rally to protect the bay.

The City of Coos Bay hired the Lane Council of Governments (LCOG) to be a neutral party to review Pembina’s application and the dozens of community testimonies submitted to the city. After months of considering the facts, LCOG has recommended that Coos Bay denies Pembina’s application because the project is not in the public interest and would adversely impact the fishing and recreation industries of Coos Bay.

In the last year’s crabbing season, over 4 million pounds of Dungeness crab landed in our area. That’s millions of dollars and many local families supported right here in our community. Why put all of that at risk?

Now it’s up to our city councilors to listen to the facts LCOG has presented and put our community before the private profits of a Canadian fossil fuel corporation. See you on Tuesday to protect our bay!

Ashley Audycki

Coos Bay

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