The United States is now in its 11th year of the current record-long expansion!

The expansion did not begin in 2016 with the election of the current U.S. President who repeatedly takes undeserved credit. The tide of expansion had been rising for eight years in 2016, after shaking off the 2007-08 depression when thousands of Americans lost their homes.

My concern now: In the past I’ve sent letters to The World and others arguing against selling the Elliott State Forest. Two years ago I spoke before the Coos County Commissioners asking them to develop some type of action against the state plan to sell the Elliott. I’ve not since heard or read of their leadership on the matter.

The law requires the Elliot to be managed by the state to benefit the Oregon Common School Fund. The forest has been unmanaged for some years, thus the loss of billions of hours of high-wage jobs and many millions of dollars lost to support the school fund.

“A year ago, the state Land Board, which is made up of the governor, secretary of state and state treasurer, directed Oregon State University and the Department of State Lands to examine the potential for the 82,000+ acres of the Elliott to be managed as a research forest.” No mention of money.

That means jobs and money lost by ignoring the law; the Elliott Forest will never provide money to schools again. Governor Brown, realizing that problem had the Democrats pass the new "CAT TAX." You can find it online. If you own a business, I suggest you sit down before reading about how the new tax might distress your family.

The first problem the state has in this unsavory scheme is “how to decouple the forest from the Common School Fund.” I urge our Coos County Commissioners to step up in leadership and file a lawsuit against the State of Oregon for not following the law to manage the Elliott as directed.

The commissioners might do as well as the 18 O&C counties! December 10, 2019 The World's headline read “O&C counties vindicated in lawsuit.” The Bureau of Land Management lost the lawsuit, but the counties won! There will be more to the story, but an important stand was made. We all understand, on this Trump impeachment date, that no one is above the law!

Patti Strain

Myrtle Point

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