Every city and town has its pros and cons depending on how you look at it. Anaheim, California; Sleepy Hollow, New York; Derry, Maine; Fall River, Massachusetts; Rosewell, New Mexico; or even Coos Bay and North Bend.

With the reading of local history books on Coos Bay and North Bend available at the Coos Bay Public Library and old Coos Bay Times and The World newspaper articles, one thing stuck out to me, and that was the numerous attempts to merge North Bend with Coos Bay.

There have been several letters to the editor of residents who did not like the idea of North Bend being absorbed by Coos Bay. One from July 27, 2002, was from Barbara Simpson Griffin, a daughter of North Bend founder, Louis J. Simpson, along with several other letters from that date, either for or against consolidation of North Bend and Coos Bay.

So my question is based on Ken Duvall's letter (July 27, 2002) is how would residents in Coos Bay feel if there were a ballot measure to allow Coos Bay to be absorbed by North Bend and Coos Bay no longer existed? I'm sure you're probably thinking the same as most North Bend residents felt at not wanting a merger of the two cities. I moved to the Bay Area in 2009 knowing very little about the area and I've learned so much about the area just by talking with people who have lived here longer than I have or lived here all of their lives. And I only know about the Eastside and Empire area merger with Coos Bay based on newspaper accounts.

In conclusion, both North Bend and Coos Bay have their own unique history and have something to offer the other doesn't. But that doesn't mean better things can't happen with each city. Why fight like siblings when you can work together like siblings?

Cody Skoff

Coos Bay

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