In The World edition of Aug. 24 Mr. Zimmerman uses the term “conventional wisdom” to place the blame on our current administration and attack it for not having any “creditability”. I think a better term would have been political wisdom.

When Mr. Z attacks the administration for the low un-employment rate, at this time, I don’t remember him saying anything about un-employment rate during President Obama’s term. While he laments the absence of the “labor participation rate” the “conventional wisdom” would conclude that when there are more job openings than applicants the “labor participation rate” would be higher than in the past.

Mr. Z appears to say “privatizing everything” is not good because “acquisitions and take over” leave us with “wage repressions” and “price gouging”. If anyone believes that government can do anything more efficiently and cheaper than private enterprise I have some shares in the Brooklyn Bridge I’d like to sell them.

Mr. Z claims that the “bottom half’ is “living pay check to pay check” and that’s not good. Having lived in the “bottom half” myself, for many years, I believe that this is the result of decisions that are made by individuals for themselves. Some folks make good decisions and some don’t. We are all free to make our own choice on where and how we spend our money.

Mr. Z appears to want government to control where we live, where we work, who we work for, how much we are paid, what we can purchase, how much we can pay for it, and control how large of debt we carry on our credit card. All of these choices are for individuals to make because we have the freedom and liberty to do so. Blaming the current administration for the poor choices some of us make in our lives is really reaching for an excuse.

If Mr. Z really wants government to make these choices for him, then I suggest he relocate to an area where this is beginning to happen. San Francisco, Seattle, Los Angles, and New York City come to mind.

Jim Jochum

North Bend

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