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The Democrats in the senate, along with a few Republicans, just voted the “Born Alive” bill down. Now it’s legal to kill a baby just before delivery or even sometime after.

Just how long does a mother have after delivery before she can decide to have her child killed?

A minute?

An hour?

A day?

A month?


Half the children in this country would not survive their teenage years if the Democrats say the mother can wait that long to decide on their life or death. Don’t laugh. It’s coming.

The current law says the mother, along with her physicians, can “discuss” the life or death situation.

If the physicians want to save the infant can they override the mother's wish?


If the mother wants the infant aborted the physician will either induce labor or perform a surgery called a dilation and evacuation, in which the cervix is dilated and the fetus is removed in pieces. They use a hook, yank real hard, and maybe they get a leg or an arm the first time. Then go back in and fish out another body part. Maybe another arm. Maybe a leg. Maybe the torso. Maybe the head.

Think the baby feels no pain?


Late term abortions like this used to be illegal. Now the Democrats say it’s just fine. There, there everybody. It’s just fine. They want the women’s vote. They want the liberal vote. Infants don’t vote.

The senators should have known what they voted for. They should have been forced to watch an abortion before they got to vote. Like everything Congress does, they vote and are oblivious to the consequences.

Get on YouTube and watch a late term abortion ... if you can.

Then tell yourself “yeah, I want to live in a place where they do that”.

Well, now you do.

Ken Cameron

Gold Beach

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