Community is in dire need for this project

My name is Ken Sjogren and I am the president of the Tioga Mountain Men. Some of you may have heard about the Jordan Cove Project that will be crossing Coos County from the recent local news coverage of the Oregon Department of State Lands (DSL) public comment period. What many of you might not have heard is that this project has been around for quite sometime now and is finally working to get approvals to move forward.

Our Coos Bay community is in dire need for this project to go through. It will be one of the largest-ever private investments in Southern Oregon and has the ability to touch the lives of thousands of local residents. As part of their investment to Southern Oregon and its people, the project has well developed plans to invest in our local communities by supporting schools, public safety, infrastructure and the modernization of the Port of Coos Bay. If you’re still questioning their intentions, look no further than their grant program. Since 2014, the Jordan Cove-Pacific Connector grant program has awarded more than $400,000 to local non-profit organizations in Coos, Douglas, Jackson and Klamath counties. The project has consistently gone above and beyond their call of duty to ensure that they are not only a good partner for Southern Oregon and its citizens but also to the greater State of Oregon. One great way to show your support for the Jordan Cove Project is to spread the word on how this project will impact all of us for the better. I support this project and ask that you stand up and support it with me.

Ken Sjogren


We need to impeach Trump now

Much of the country continues to ponder if and when President Trump will be impeached and removed from office. Many Dems, led by Speaker Pelosi, want to wait for Robert Mueller’s report which may include indictments of those closely surrounding the president and Trump himself. However, we can’t count on indictments to get Trump out of office. Our courts are controlled by Republican hacks and delays will go on for nitpicking years, but there is plenty of evidence of “high crimes and misdemeanors”.

However, what gets insufficient consideration is the further damage Trump will be doing each week he occupies the Oval Office. Given the extensions Mueller wants to continue investigating Rodger Stone etc., let alone the time it will take for the indictments to play out, combined with the Senate refusing, or at least delaying Trump’s removal from office; as it stands now we are looking past 2020 before he goes. And if the plethora of Dem candidates and/or an Independent spoiler dilutes the opposition we may be in for another 6 years of Republican control which will get nothing good done to solve our increasing problems, including our obscene wealth distribution and runaway global warming.

Consider this: the more one attains public or private power the more power he has to do harm to many people. For example: Trump’s government shutdown not only wasted $3B-plus, money that could have been used to relieve financial stress and lengthen lives, instead it actually imposed an unlegislated tax on contract workers who will never be repaid. Add up all Trump’s damages and they amount to more than a few actual murders. Very few take this into account.

Trump has belittled, without evidence, our Intelligence workers and favored dictators over our traditional allies. His sudden Syrian withdrawal pronouncement caused General Mattis to quit, then Trump backed down. He won’t defend the country against cyber attacks and won’t fully impose sanctions on Russia. His continuous, blatant and obvious lies lowers our integrity standards every day, etc. etc..

We need to impeach Trump now.

If Dems and the mainstream media would only fully and continuously out obstinate Republican Senators there would be a chance of removing Trump from office and/or taking back the Senate by 2020. If Dems would unite behind a true progressive and overcome an Independent spoiler we might be able to begin redress.

John Zimmerman

Coos Bay

LNG is downright devious

I have been following the LNG debacle for some years now. This is not only ill conceived but downright devious. The idea that somehow this will be the silver bullet that saves the South Coast from economic ruin is a pipe dream. The principals involved with shoving this down our throats have ONE thing in mind, profit for their shareholders. Long after the construction phase is gone there will be a few well paid techs staring at dials waiting to see if the Cascadia Fault budges bringing this plant to a crashing disaster for the bay, the fishery, and the Oregon coast as a whole. You do not ship LNG 250 miles as the crow flies to a plant built on a sand dune next to an active earthquake fault line! And then there is the issue of parsing back on fossil fuel due to global warming, no brainer, say no to Jordan Cove!

Donald Gaskill


Let me clarify some misunderstandings

Firebreaks and earthquakes.

I have been paying close attention to comments made during DSL’s public comment hearing in Coos Bay. Let me say, first and foremost, I respect all for having the courage to testify publicly on a matter so divisive in our county. As a project supporter, though, I feel it’s my obligation as a member of the Coos County community to clarify some of the misunderstandings about the project’s safety.

Firstly — earthquakes. Over the past 170 years, the Coos Bay Area has experienced relatively low seismic activity. That said, we all know that anything can happen; Pembina knows this too, so they have planned that the LNG terminal would be built to withstand a major offshore earthquake and the tsunami waves that would follow. How will they do it? High-grade steel pipelines with automated and manual shut-off systems.

Secondly — wildfires. Not only will the pipeline be able to withstand earthquakes, but I am told by first responders and others that the right of way will also act as a natural fire break. For those wondering, the pipeline will be insulated from wildfires due to it being buried at least three feet below the ground. We live in the Pacific Northwest and many of us have experienced the wrath of unbridled wildfires. Wouldn’t it be nice for the men and women in uniform to be supported with a solution against natural disasters that are likely to happen in our region

Tom Burdett

North Bend

Pool is a valuable asset to community

It is such a pity that despite all the donations and volunteer efforts that have been put forth for the sustenance of one of our great resources, Mingus Park Swimming Pool, the city government is too disinterested or too cheap to make it a more effective and valuable asset to the community health and spirit.

The school system utilizes it regularly as do the teens as do the competitions that are held and trained here, yet the city can not even bother after months to get an essential part to keep the locker rooms warm or maintain the overall condition of the pool from roof to pool temperature. What a public disgrace.

Donald Canavan

Coos Bay

Forum was anything but open exchange of ideas

The League of Women Voters (LWVCC) held an “informational forum” on the Jordan Cove Project last Thursday at the Egyptian Theater. A “forum” is defined as “a place, meeting or medium where ideas and views on a particular issue can be exchanged.” Until now, that’s a public service the League of Women Voters provided well. The World readers should know what actually took place that night was anything but an open exchange of ideas or what we once relied upon from this organization.

Fact is, if the LWVCC intended to offer our community a true forum without bias and predetermined outcome, they would have invited Jordan Cove representatives and their environmental consultants to participate. They didn’t. A legitimate forum would include the Port of Coos Bay, Coos Bay Bar Pilots, Coos County Sheriff’s Office and U.S. Coast Guard — for perspective and technical expertise. It didn’t.

You might ask, “Why would the LWVCC avoid including balanced perspectives or deny Jordan Cove and other local, state and federal parties opportunity to participate?” Or, “Why did the LWVCC disregard its charter for League processes to be fair, inclusive and unbiased when considering an official position on an issue?” Sadly, the LWVCC deliberately failed to meet with Jordan Cove or other community stakeholders before taking an official position against the project weeks before this “forum.”

Leslie Lowe, LWVCC Chapter President, testified at a Department of State Lands public hearing last month stating “Our Chapter opposes the Jordan Cove Energy Project and urges the Oregon Department of State Lands to deny their application for a removal-fill permit. Our members have studied JCEP’s permit application and have grave concerns regarding the insufficient information ... ”

Apparently, Leslie doesn’t understand the permitting process. By law, DSL will do their job, allowing Jordan Cove to respond to Linda’s and other’s concerns, and correctly address them for the record. Balance will prevail in that “forum.” Accuracy and objectivity will only worsen the League’s self-inflicted credibility damage. Unsurprisingly, some LWVCC members are upset by what’s happened on Linda’s watch. Clearly, the LWVCC isn’t the same organization generations have held in high esteem.

The LWVCC announced it is planning another event opposing Jordan Cove during Safety Week in April. If the League cares to regain any semblance of credibility, they’d be wise to remember their charter and include balanced sources of information so citizens can make up their own minds. Hope springs eternal!

Todd Goergen

Coos Bay

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