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My name is Ken Sjogren and I am the president of the Tioga Mountain Men. Some of you may have heard about the Jordan Cove Project that will be crossing Coos County from the recent local news coverage of the Oregon Department of State Lands (DSL) public comment period. What many of you might not have heard is that this project has been around for quite sometime now and is finally working to get approvals to move forward.

Our Coos Bay community is in dire need for this project to go through. It will be one of the largest-ever private investments in Southern Oregon and has the ability to touch the lives of thousands of local residents. As part of their investment to Southern Oregon and its people, the project has well developed plans to invest in our local communities by supporting schools, public safety, infrastructure and the modernization of the Port of Coos Bay. If you’re still questioning their intentions, look no further than their grant program. Since 2014, the Jordan Cove-Pacific Connector grant program has awarded more than $400,000 to local non-profit organizations in Coos, Douglas, Jackson and Klamath counties. The project has consistently gone above and beyond their call of duty to ensure that they are not only a good partner for Southern Oregon and its citizens but also to the greater State of Oregon. One great way to show your support for the Jordan Cove Project is to spread the word on how this project will impact all of us for the better. I support this project and ask that you stand up and support it with me.

Ken Sjogren


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