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On November 24th, the North Bend City Council will consider extending the Jordan Cove project permits put forth by Pembina.

Here's something to think about, whether you are for or against this project:

Imagine a new flexible pipeline material that dramatically reduces leaks and the potential for explosions comes onto the market, say, yesterday (i.e. before this project even begins). If we extend permit timelines for Jordan Cove projects, Pembina could skip this innovation entirely because the permit has already been written. The methods they plan on using have already been documented. No change required.

Can you imagine buying a new car that had Model T features? (Wooden block brakes, no rubber tires. Cloth doors ... you get the picture.) When we extend the permit timeline, we exclude the possibility of better safety measures.

Those of us against this project are against it, primarily, because of the safety hazards of a pipeline located in a populated area along a fault line and in a tsunami zone. Those of us for this project absolutely care about the safety of their families and friends with such a project located in our city.

Given the scope of the Jordan Cove project, why would either Coos Bay or North Bend City Councils continue to give up opportunity to retain any impact control over the project? Because they haven't heard enough from us.

Whether for or against, participate in this critical community project:

Jenny Jones

North Bend


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