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I am a local nurse in our community and an avid supporter of healthcare and community wellness. I am also a single mom of two teens. I believe that right now we need someone to be a strong advocate for healthcare and our families. That is why I have chosen Cal Mukumoto to fight for us in Salem.

While working with Tribal communities he not only managed their natural resources and helped them make it through rough financial times but also supported their community wellness programs. He focused on access and made sure that the care they received was culturally inclusive, which is often something that is forgotten when money is tight. I know I can trust Cal to continue this kind of leadership by investing in clinics and community services here on the Southern Oregon Coast. 

You can count on him to prioritize transparency and accountability in our healthcare system. Cal will work hard to ensure that folks can afford the treatment and preventive services they deserve because, like me, he believes healthcare is a right, not a privilege.

I am proud to endorse Cal Mukumoto to represent the south coast and ask that you do too. Make sure to turn in your ballots by Tuesday, May 19th!

Catherine Bice, RN BSN

North Bend, Oregon


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