Keep concentrated potentially explosive chemical elements far away from populated areas.

Building a Liquid Natural Gas processing plant in the Jordan Cove area defies all logic. The sheer volume of an unstable gas stored in liquid form in two large tanks sitting close to each other and the potential killing power of that gas presents an appalling disregard of human life. As an engineer working for a company which developed weapon systems for the U.S. Army Missile Command, I assisted in the development and flight tests of several weapon systems. These tests were conducted at very remote sites at many U.S. Army bases. Never did I see weapons stored in administration or housing areas on any of these bases. The Army learned this lesson a very long time ago. It is a very simple concept. To prevent disaster, keep explosive devices well separated from each other and away from where people congregate.

The potential explosive power of the Jordan Cove plant has been calculated to be great enough to kill 17,000 men, women, and children in North Bend and surrounding areas. How can anyone who understands the potential catastrophic consequences of having an LNG processing plant in Jordan Cove suggest that approval be given for its construction?

Hugh Tyler

North Bend

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