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The Port Orford Jubilee blocked me last night.

It seems they get mad every time they post they are having a meeting. I post bring back the Battle of Battle Rock. Which was a huge hit for Port Orford and brought in the tourists the town is desperately trying to bring in ever since.

Last year I got into a conversation with someone from the committee who never gives me their name.

She said that when Donn Merrick moved away the Battle of Battle Rock stopped. Donn was the Boy Scout Troop Master. Jeff Cluff, Jerry White, Bruce Smith and Brian Smith and myself all got our Eagle Scout merit badges under Mr. Merrick.

So just like wrestling when Mr. John Bruckert and Mr. Paul Young moved away wrestling simply vanishes.

What is wrong with the leaders of this town?

I call them out because nobody else will!

Are you seriously trying to tell me that they can find no one else who can organize this event for the good of the town. To salvage history.

I challenged her and said it was because of the liberal backlash. And liberal Port Orford government. She assured me this was not the reason.

I remember when the town was booming in the early 1980's. The town had Cub Scouts, Royal Rangers as well as Boy Scouts.

The town had 4-H events.

Had the Blackberry Festival.

The high school had a football team, wrestling team and baseball team.

All of this was after the mills and logging was all but gone.

The Grange was a hot spot.

Dances were put on in town at the Civic Center.

So once somebody moves away the town and school system just throw their hands up in the air and go well I guess that is the end of that?

The Port Orford Jubilee was originally formed in the early 1900s and previously called “The Agate Festival.” Many years later it became the Port Orford Jubilee and has operated under the name for close to 50 years. Learn more at The Port Orford Jubilee’s website.

William Masters


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