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Bond is just too aggressive. I agree something needs to be done about our schools but this is just asking too much all at once.

Let's deal with one at a time and see how paying for it goes. As near as I can tell, this bond is about a 12 percent raise in property taxes, which is a chunk to swallow all at once.

Also, the school district owns property that it's holding for no good reason. Like all the prime empty land behind Walmart along Fir Street. Why don't they sell what they don't need first and get it back on the tax rolls before asking the taxpayers for more? And thirdly just the feeling that we are being nagged after saying no already by holding an election with no other questions and no moderation of the asking price from the last time feels wrong. I support our children and our schools but I do not support this plan. It's just too much all at once. If compromise was shown, maybe voters would give some too.

John Chaplin

Coos Bay

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