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When The World features conservative editorials, more often than not the writers use inflammatory or even violent rhetoric to rail about social issues. I wish conservatives could understand how little this helps their causes. Whether its columnist John Stossel sneering at universities and the people who attend them, or a recent writer claiming that Joe Biden figuratively, “dance(s) in the blood of dead children to score cheap political points,” these screeds present few coherent arguments but many statements designed to promote cynicism and anger.

Unfortunately, American conservatism has taken a turn in this direction generally. Since conservatives no longer champion values like fiscal responsibility and trans-Atlantic alliances, they cling to social issues to find their identity. Rather than taking a nuanced look at subjects like the value and cost of college, or what we should do about firearm deaths, the writers featured in The World inflate the usual bugaboos of elitism, they’re coming for your guns, etc.

There are more reasonable conservatives out there, and readers of The World deserve to hear from them, and from independents, progressives, libertarians, and so on. Let’s leave the fringe off the fabric of printed public discourse, OK? People can get plenty of that on Facebook.

Martha Gregor, Jr.

North Bend


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