Jessica Engelke is a 100-percenter. That’s why she has been effective as a North Bend city councilor. It is why I believe she will make a good mayor of North Bend. When Jessica cares about working on an issue, the needs of a group of people or an organization, she puts 100 percent of her thought and effort into bringing about success.

I have known Jessica for several years, and worked with her on projects benefitting students and the community. We parented children through 4-H together.

She is not afraid to listen. I have seen her reach out to many people, diverse people with varying perspectives. Jessica is not afraid to change her mind if there is a better path forward. She also works hard to bring people together to serve our community, and they do serve — enthusiastically.

Jessica is curious and likes to learn about budgets, and how government works effectively for everyday people. I have listened as she has mused about how the city of North Bend can improve infrastructure and services to those of us who live here, and for our neighbors and visitors. She is a 100-percenter — energetic, a thinker, a community builder and a do-er. If that’s the kind of person you want in the mayor’s seat, you should vote for Jessica Engelke.

Elise Hamner

North Bend



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