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In response to Faye Newman's letter saying she was annoyed with Jim Jochan's letter about Sharon Ramirez' letter. I agree 100 percent with Jim, and I also would like to say I think both of these women know very little about guns! Their statement that AR-15's cause horrendously damaging wounds to the body is misleading. Damaging wounds are caused by the caliber and type of bullet not the gun. It makes no difference if the gun has a pistol grip and black. A pink pistol of the same caliber will do the same.

Now for some more education on guns. The AR in the AR-15 is not Assault Rifle or Automatic Rifle. It is Armalite Rifle Co. The so called AR-15s that are on the market are M-15s and are called a Defensive Sporting Rifle.

Now to the next subject. Where in the world are you liberals getting your information, CNN? You came up with the second highest deaths in children is gun violence. That is wrong! More children have die of the flu this year. The number one cause of death in children is the 60,000 deaths a year by abortion of which you liberal Democrats support! And yet you say you are so concerned about children being killed. Abortion is premeditated murder!

Also, liberals are always talking about "gun violence". They fail to say that two-thirds of their so called "gun violence" is suicide. I guess if suicide was caused by sleeping pills it would be called "pill violence". Makes about as much sense.

Phil Shellabarger