The vaporous pro-gas advocate, Todd Goergen, has finally outdone himself. Ignoring the direct causal relationship between climate change, global warming and wildfires and that numerous well reported studies show that Jordan Cove, if built, will become the single largest greenhouse gas emitter in the entire state of Oregon, Goergen has taken a ‘six degrees of Kevin Bacon’ approach to claim the 234 mile high-pressure pipeline will help stop wildland fires.

Geez Louise, I mean, sure, a small select group of individuals may benefit in the short term from this project but all anyone needs to do is research all the other communities dependent upon fossil fuels to see that if Coos Bay did improve its standard of living by embracing 19th century energy technology it would be the anomaly and not the rule.

Surely, Goergen doesn’t believe this drivel, no matter how desperate he is to emit even more gas into the atmosphere than he already is.

Mary Geddry


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